ÄTNAs first eruptive step on the scene is their five song EP named »ÄTNA«. Inéz and Demian teamed up with producer impresario Moses Schneider at Transporterraum Berlin to create five songs to be called »magic« (SZ) and »creating goosebumps« (SAX).


An impulse towards the younger generations and a unique opportunity for young jazz musicians to perfect their practice and perform at the Jazz à Vienne Festival (France).

FluxFM presents XJAZZ

XJAZZ radio show is airing Wednesdays 8-9pm on FluxFM Berlin (UKW 100.6) and at FluxMusic Streaming on Friday 5pm / Saturday 2pm / Sunday 8pm. Every week we select the best out of a giant pool of new music and play the songs we like.

XJAZZ live

Besides the annual festival we act as a local concert promoter in the fields of Jazz, Electronica & Neo-Classical music. Always with the aim to cross boundaries by presenting acts from different genres.

XJAZZ Festival

XJAZZ Festival is the „different” Jazz Festival in Berlin. A Festival that strives to cross boundaries, merging Jazz with other musical styles such as Electronic, Singer/Songwriter and Neo-Classical music. Through its both modern and unconventional marketing, the festival has managed to reach a far bigger and younger crowd than comparable festivals.

XJAZZ recommends

To open the XJAZZ network to other concert promoters, agencies and bands we set-up XJAZZ recommends to reach our crowd and to spread our understanding of contemporary Jazz. This includes on- and offline promo as well as ticketing service. For a lack of an up-to-date Jazz related concert calendar and ticket service our aim is to establish a platform for Contemporary Jazz.


The mission is simple: Bring people together in real life through events. Together we built a community of event organizers and hundreds of thousands of fans who are the heart of Universe.