From avant-garde to pop, Q3A is a mirror to the eclectic architecture of Potsdam, from neo-classical palaces to prefabricated “Plattenbauen” (panelhouses). These Communist-era buildings gave its name to Q3A, which is an abbreviation for “Querwandbau” (cross-wall construction).

The photographs featured on this website were taken by Diane Barbé, exploring the architectural influence of East Germany in Zanzibar island, off the coast of Tanzania. It is a reflection on the cultural and musical impact of these methods of construction, a theme explored throughout the Q3A project and that has been fundamental to the creative concept behind CEEYS’ album and photography project Concrete Fields.

Q3AMBIENTFEST is a three-day happening for neoclassical and experimental music, featuring artists from diverse genres, origins and popularity. The handpicked festival invites open-minded music lovers to discover today’s contemporary composers and performers, carefully curated by Potsdam-based cello-piano duo CEEYS. Q3A is organised at Fabrik Potsdam from 13-15 April 2018, in partnership with Dutch music initiative Fluister and Berlin-based concert series Modellbahn Music.

Launched in 2017, Q3A hosted twelve artists from eight different countries, and takes place at Fabrik Potsdam, near the world-famous film town Babelsberg, less than an hour away from Berlin

Date: 13.-15. April 2018
Location: Fabrik Potsdam
Client: CEEYS
Service: Consulting